Steak Knives

What are the characteristics of steak knives?

Steak knives are one of the most essential pieces of cutlery for any household. These kitchen utensils facilitate the preparation of meat with a perfect cut. The blade is one of the most characteristic elements of this type of knife. If they are well sharpened, the cut will be much cleaner and the delicate meat will tend to suffer less.

Like forks or spoons, steak knives tend to be very lightweight and easy to use on a daily basis. They are usually made of hard materials such as stainless steel and do not rust.

Steak knives have certain special characteristics to avoid damaging or losing the properties of the meat:

  • The edge of a meat knife should guarantee durability and resistance to possible corrosion. It is best to be made of stainless steel.
  • Their blades are serrated to facilitate the cutting of meat almost effortlessly.
  • It should be adapted to the hand so that the piece can be cut with total safety, comfort, and without fatigue.

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At Arcos, we have a wide selection of different models of stainless steel and other material steak knives. Here you will find knives with serrated and saw blades for cutting steaks and roast meats, with thin blades for roast meats, and with smooth edges to avoid breaking the natural fibers of this food. You choose!

Any of them are totally water-resistant, which allows their continuous use without losing the quality of their cut.

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