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  2. Prochef Series 200 mm Kitchen Scissors
Prochef Series 200 mm Kitchen Scissors
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Prochef Series 200 mm Kitchen Scissors

200 mm Kitchen scissors full size, made of stainless steel and with polypropylene handles.

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The Kitchen Scissors are a 200 mm full-size professional utensil with stainless steel blades and polypropylene handles. They are used for cutting and separating meat foods, boning and thinning cuts and fillets.

They have a new twist shaft separated from the handles that give strength when cutting. The kitchen scissors are used to facilitate different functions and preparations, making them an infallible piece in any kitchen.

At Arcos we work under the standards of quality, design and innovation. All our products come with a 10-year guarantee against manufacturing defects.


  • Corrosion and chemical resistant, easy to clean and store
  • Handles in black colour in resistant polypropylene
  • The product comes in a box

Get them and make your kitchen world easier!

  • Body Material: Stainless Steel
  • Handle Material: Polypropylene
  • Colour: Black
  • Complete Size: 200 mm
  • Packaging: Box
  • Weight: 115 g