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  2. Leather knife bag, 5-pc Manhattan series set
Leather knife bag, 5-pc Manhattan series set
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Leather knife bag, 5-pc Manhattan series set

For our most exacting customers, we present the Manhattan series, beautifully designed and incredibly strong, along with our 5-piece handmade leather knife bag.
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Customize Leather knife bag, 5-pc Manhattan series set
Knives Roll Bag 5 pieces   + €162.91
Manhattan Series 130 mm Vegetable Knife   + €36.34
Manhattan Series 130 mm Tomato Knife   + €34.44
Manhattan Series 210 mm Chef's Knife   + €57.61
Manhattan Series 160 mm Boning Knife   + €43.46
Manhattan Series 250 mm Slicing Knife   + €53.68

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Set includes a handmade leather bag and 5 knives from the Manhattan series.

- 5-piece knife bag, measuring 470 x 446 mm

Skillful design, perfect for storing and transporting your 5 most prized knives. Specially handcrafted for professional use. Enjoy the soft feel with its comfortable and practical style.

- Manhattan vegetable knife 130 mm

Clean, peel and cut small fruits and vegetables.

- Manhattan Tomato Knife 130 mm

The serrated edge allows the knife to be inserted quickly inside the tomato peel without crushing the interior.

- Manhattan chef knife 210 mm

Wide-bladed knife, with a smooth, stable and strong edge. Multipurpose knife.

- Manhattan boning knife 160 mm

Thin-bladed knife, with characteristic curved blade and smooth edge. Perfect for removing meat from bones.

- Manhattan slicing knife 250 mm

Long, thin knife with a flexible blade and a smooth edge. This type of knife is especially designed for cutting ham and other large pieces of meat.

The Manhattan series stands out for its special silk edge, giving it a cut that will not fail to impress.

One of the main characteristics is half bolster, making it easy to cut and sharpen.

The forged Nitrum® stainless steel makes it highly resistant to wear and tear and provides a more powerful cut.

This new series benefits from a back of the blade with a rounded polish, which sets it apart for its soft grip.