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Riviera Blanc Series Set
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Riviera Blanc Series Set

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Riviera Blanc Series 140 mm Santoku Knife   + €41.24
Riviera Blanc Series 100 mm Paring Knife   + €28.60
330 X 230 mm Black Cutting Board with hanger   + €28.02

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The perfect combination:

  • Santoku knife series Riviera Blanc 140 mm
  • Assembler knife series Riviera Blanc 100 mm

Both knives are forged from a single piece of NITRUM® stainless steel, an exclusive nitrogen steel formula that provides greater hardness, greater cutting power and improves the durability of the cutting edge. This series stands out for its white handle and elegant French-style ferrule.

  • Black board 33 x 23 cm

Board made of phenolic resin and cellulose fibre. Easy to clean, dishwasher safe. Its smooth surface is perfect for food preparation and presentation.

Prevents damage to the cutting edge of knives at all times.