What is a peeler used for?

The peeler is a kitchen accessory that greatly facilitates the lives of both professional and amateur chefs. As the name suggests, this utensil is used to peel the skin off vegetables, fruits, and even helps us make better use of meat.

In addition to peeling, it also has other utilities in the kitchen, such as cutting and slicing. Being compact in size, this kitchen gadget is very safe and easy to use while preparing your favorite recipes.

Peelers are designed with high-quality materials to never damage the food. They consist of three parts: the handle, the attachment for the movable blade, and the blade itself.

At Arcos, you will find peelers with various shapes and types of blades for different cutting styles. The potato peeler and tomato peeler are usually the most popular in any kitchen.

Uses of a potato peeler:

  • Removing the fibrous skin from vegetables like asparagus.
  • Carefully peeling the thin skin of certain fruits like apples, pears, and tomatoes.
  • Removing the tough skin from other vegetables like potatoes, beets, turnips, and carrots.
  • Peeling all non-organic vegetables, as the skin may contain some toxic substances.
  • Slicing certain types of vegetables, including zucchini and cucumbers.
  • Making vegetable rolls and lasagnas.
  • Creating shavings of certain foods like chocolate, butter, and cheese.

Buying a professional peeler at Arcos

Make the most of the nutrients in vegetables and fruits with the available peelers from Arcos. Choose the cutting model that best suits your needs and peel all the foods you want in just a few minutes.


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