Fish Fillet Knives

Experience precision slicing
Featuring a long, thin, and flexible blade with a smooth edge, this knife excels in cleanly and easily filleting meat and fish.

What is a fillet knife?

The fillet knife is the perfect kitchen tool for making fillets of any size from different pieces of fish and meat. Although it can also be used to cut and slice certain types of vegetables and herbs. This filleting knife has special blade characteristics, it tends to be thinner, around 3-4 cm. This allows the blade itself to be much more flexible, making it easier to fillet large pieces and control their thickness.

These knife models incorporate ergonomic handles that are much more resistant to high temperatures and impacts.

Types of fillet knives

At Arcos, you can find different types of filleting and fish knives:

  • Firm blade up to 200mm: perfect for filleting all types of pieces quickly and safely.
  • Standard: this is the most common fillet knife for fish and meat on the market. Its blade is very thin and flexible for greater flexibility.
  • Alveolated: you will easily recognize them by their small oval circles. It allows you to cut extremely thin fish and meat fillets.

When using a knife to fillet meat or fish, make sure it is correctly sharpened and kept in a dry and clean place. To improve the knife's lifespan, we recommend sharpening it periodically and following the manufacturer's instructions for use and cleaning.

Buy a fillet knife at Arcos

Discover the different models of flexible and Japanese fillet knives available at Arcos to cut and fillet all types of meat or fish pieces. A fundamental kitchen accessory for professional chefs and also for amateur food enthusiasts.

If you have any questions about what type of fillet knife to buy, write to us and our specialized team will advise you in your choice.