Gregorio Arcos

Cautive en cada bocado con la cubertería Gregorio Arcos. 

Un tributo a la mesa moderna con mangos que evocan herencia, diseño que perdura y una calidad que realza su cocina diaria. 


In the cosiest corner of Albacete, 290 years ago, a small workshop came alive; the essence of Arcos was born. Juan de Arcos, with his expertise, brought the first pair of scissors alive under the distinctive sign of our brand in 1734. These scissors, more than simple tools, embodied the passion, craftsmanship and the evolution that has defined us ever since.

From that first cut, Arcos has become more than just a workplace: a home where each knife is created with the tender loving care and the dedication that is found in the soul of each kitchen.

We sincerely appreciate everyone who has shared this journey with us, trusting in the excellence of our products. Looking ahead to the future, we are thrilled to still be your trusted choice, which comes with the rich tradition and the constant innovation that identifies us. Each cut with an Arcos knife stands for a unique chapter in its culinary journey, and we hope
to continue sharing these experiences with you all in the next few years.


Arcos Factory in the 80’s


This year, ARCOS celebrates 290 years of excellence in knife making craftmanship, a legacy forged with passion, dedication and a strong community. On this special anniversary, we pay tribute to Gregorio Arcos Villanueva, whose influence has been fundamental in shaping the identity and the spirit of ARCOS.

From an early age, Gregorio dedicated himself to the revered art of knife making, instilling an innovative mentality and an unwavering commitment to quality in ARCOS. His leadership has led us beyond the frontiers of tradition, by exploring new horizons and opportunities.

Under his wise management, ARCOS also set off on a brave voyage towards internationalization, taking our brand and values over borders and through
hearts across the world. Each knife, each masterpiece, has a global story, touched by different hands and cultures, guided by the inclusive and enterprising vision of Gregorio.

Today, we are celebrating the achievements, the relationships and the traditions that we have worked on together. By paying tribute to the legacy
of Gregorio, ARCOS perpetuates his passion and vision, steadily making progress on the way towards global improvement and innovation. United, we continue to build on this story of evolution and success.


The Arcos steak knife model 3715 stands for the union of tradition and quality. Created by Gregorio Arcos Villanueva, it conveys the artisan heritage and the innovation in designing cutlery. With wooden handles that have a natural texture and a strong serrated blade for precise cuts, the 3715 is distinguished for its practicality and timeless elegance.

Gregorio, a visionary in the history of Arcos, came up with sophisticated techniques and a progressive approach to knife making, which guarantees that this model meets modern-day expectations, and is also maintained as a culinary icon. His vision is conveyed in each line and curve of the 3715, preserving its place on the table as a true emblem of culinary excellence.