Carving Knives

For all kinds of grilled meats...
Knife with a slim, strong blade and smooth edge. Used to carve all kinds of grilled meats.

What is a boning knife used for?

A chicken boning knife or any other type of meat and fish boning knife is mainly used for separating meat from the bone and removing fish fillets from the spine.

This type of knife is quite different from those we might see in a traditional kitchen. The boning knife has specific features, including a very thin and narrow pointed blade that is approximately 12-20 cm long and very stiff. Professionals often use this type of tool to clean the bones of each piece.

Professional Boning Knife Types

The butcher boning knife is classified into two different types:

  • Flexible: the blade fully adapts to surfaces. They are perfect for cleaning small or medium areas.
  • Rigid: the cut of these knives is very firm and precise. They are mainly used for very large pieces.

At Arcos, you can find Nitrum stainless steel boning knives. This material makes it easy for professionals and amateur cooks to use, clean, and maintain the knife. You will notice the difference as soon as you use it.

As with any other knife, we recommend using sharpeners to sharpen the blade that wears out over time.

How to use a boning knife for ham?

One of the main uses of the curved and professional boning knife is to clean and remove the bones from Serrano ham or Iberian ham. This technique is quite complex and precise, so you should be very careful if you are going to perform this action at home.

Buying a Boning Knife at Arcos

Discover the different models of boning knives for meats and fish available at Arcos of first quality. Choose the one that best suits your main uses and use it regularly in your kitchen.