Wok pan, what is it used for?

The wok is a specific type of pan used for stir-frying, frying, boiling, steaming, and stewing food with great ease.

The cool edges and hot bottom of this kitchen utensil allow any cook to stir any type of ingredients practically unassisted.

Professional chefs use stainless steel woks or woks made of other materials to stir and toss ingredients with amazing dexterity. This utensil originates from oriental cuisine and is a fundamental piece for food enthusiasts.

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What can be cooked in a wok pan?

The wok pan is mainly used to prepare all kinds of stir-fries. However, it is also suitable for boiling, stewing, and steaming dishes. It provides a quick, moderate heat cooking method that is low in fat.

You can cook pasta and rice together with stir-fried vegetables, mushrooms, ham, pork, or quinoa. The key is to use very little oil and constantly stir with the help of wooden utensils.

Difference between a grill wok and a traditional pan

The difference between a pan and a wok lies in the shape of the surface and the sides. In the case of the wok, you may have noticed that it is concave to easily stir and toss the food, without heating the edges completely.

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