Profesional Pocket Knives

Used in a large number of trades. Key tool for many tasks performed by the best professionals.

What are penknives used for?

Penknives are one of the most popular cutting tools on the market and are similar to the most popular knives on the market.  For years, these cutting tools have become an essential accessory in many people's pockets and bags.  

Their multi-purpose function and convenient folding size have entailed that these penknives are a great success in society. In particular, in certain professional activities such as fishing, agriculture, hunting and handicrafts. Nowadays, having a penknife at hand can help us to solve certain problems. From a small repair to cutting parts, food and can even in saving lives.

Although there are various types of folding penknives, one of the best known is the Arcos de Albacete penknife. A model manufactured with a good edge, powerful cut, rust resistant, compact and durable. A very functional penknife with a grip system to have it always at hand.

The shape and appearance of the blade of the penknife specifies its main functionality. At Arcos there are three very versatile models of penknives available. Unique and solid pieces which will suit your needs.

How often should a penknife be sharpened?

Depending on the functionality and the repeated use to be given to your penknife. For proper care and maintenance, the use of a sharpening steel is recommended.

Remember to carefully and safely handle the penknife to prevent problems or damage.

After each use, clean and remove any food or dirt which may have become ingrained on the edge or blade. Always store the penknife in its sheath or in a box tailored to its size.

Discover the models of penknives at Arcos

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