At ARCOS, we are constantly evolving to make it better for our planet. Join us on our journey towards a more effective sustainability.


Our dedication to sustainability is conveyed in each aspect of knife making. We are committed to looking after the planet and we supply top quality products in a sustainable way.



At Arcos Hermanos, we are taking eco-friendly measures to cut down on the plastic used in our packaging. That is why we have replaced the plastic sheaths with recyclable cardboard sheaths for all the cutlery, and we have reduced the waste by using master cartons. Furthermore, we are working on replacing the plastic packaging with heat sealed card packaging, which makes recycling easier. 


We provide our customers with specialised educational programmes and training about how to look after and maintain their knives properly. What is more, we have knife sharpening services available to help them prolong the lifespan of their kitchen utensils. 

This has a direct effect on reducing the waste and the frequency that new knives have to be bought. We also supply spare parts, to minimize the need to throw knives away, and this contributes to using natural resources more efficiently.

The wood of the handles of the N√ďRDIKA Series come from FSC certified sustainably managed forests.



We care about preserving our natural resources. That is why we have included the FSC certified wood into a number of our products, which therefore contributes to responsible forest management and to protecting biodiversity.

In our processes we minimize waste by efficiently recycling the leftover materials, such as steel and plastic. We have set up an internal water circuit as well, which not only cuts down on our water consumption; it also reduces our energy footprint. We also look for more ecological alternatives for the industry through a recycled plastic research programme.  


We are taking specific measures to reduce our carbon footprint, by incorporating responsible into our daily operations. 


To significantly reduce our carbon footprint, it is essential to start by accurately calculating our emissions. Not only does this detailed process enable us to grasp the magnitude of our environmental impact, it also helps us identify specific areas that require improvements. The objective is to reduce these emissions in 2023, with regard to our base calculation year, 2021.



As part of our sustainable mobility measures, we are expanding on our facilities with more cycle parking and we are planning to renew our vehicle fleet to use hybrid or electric vehicles in 2024.

We work with 100% renewable energy sources and we are committed to generating 10% of our energy through solar panels, to make the most of natural and clean resources.

Our sustainability commitment is also conveyed in the waste management, by implementing a logical recycling plan in our facilities. To reduce the energy consumption, we have replaced the traditional lights for high efficiency LED technology and we have updated our cooling systems to cut down on the energy consumed. As well as that, we carefully monitor and check the water, gas and electricity consumption in real time to take proactive measures and minimize our environmental impact.


We strive to take sustainable measures that look after our environment and offset our carbon footprint. On the 4th of March, 2023 we organised a tree planting event in one hectare in Madrigueras, Albacete, to reduce our impact on climate change. This was achieved thanks to the help of the employees of the company and their families.


The Ministerio para la Transición Ecológica y el Reto Demográfico (Spanish Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge) has completed the review and the registration of our carbon offsetting project and it has granted us the Certificate of registration in the section of carbon footprint, compensation, and carbon dioxide absorption projects


We work to promote social commitment, making the human factor one of the most important pieces. Getting involved with the community and having good internal communication with employees help us improve and attain objectives. 



The company tries to promote the health of its employees, with the slogan ‚ÄúHealth is our duty as a company‚ÄĚ and by creating a sports centre for the exclusive use of the employees called Arcos Sport Club. In the Arcos Sport Club, our vision of sustainability includes the overall well-being of people. We encourage a healthy lifestyle, by providing support in the rehabilitation of injuries and by creating a healthy working atmosphere that favours the mental and physical health of our employees.


We are also committed to awareness raising and teaching about healthy habits, which includes anti-smoking initiatives and promoting a healthier lifestyle in general. 


In line with our philosophy of inclusion, we embrace inclusive sport. We work closely with the support centre for people with disabilities called Centro de Atención a Personas con Discapacidad (CADIG) in Albacete, organising walks and races that unite people of all abilities. This diversity enriches our community and it strengthens our commitment.


Through our Equality Plan we contribute to the reconciliation between work and family life, by ensuring a healthy balance of both for people. What is more, we have consolidated this plan with training on inclusive language to promote equality and respect in our internal and external communication.


Our commitment to gender equality is a crucial step towards building a more sustainable and fair world for everyone.



We strive constantly to advocate diversity and inclusion in all aspects. As part of our sustainability strategy, we promote employment enclaves and the inclusion in internal teams, by guaranteeing a work environment that celebrates diversity and makes the most of the wealth of perspectives and talent. Moreover, we are committed to on-going labour inclusion, by coming up with opportunities to grow and develop for all our employees.


We work closely with occupational centres such as Amiab, Asla, Fenollera and others, to support the labour market inclusion of people with disabilities, which therefore contributes to creating a more inclusive and sustainable society.


Selection of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by the 2030 Agenda that suit our mission the best, which are included in our strategic plan: