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What type of knife is recommended for cutting cured meats?

Cured meats are one of the most delicate foods when it comes to cutting and serving. To have a good presentation on the plate, it is necessary to use a specific cutting tool, in this case, we recommend a cured meats knife. This type of kitchen knife allows you to cut fine slices of chorizo, loin, and sausage, among other cured meats. This way, you can taste that delicious delicacy with all five senses while it melts in your mouth.

Culinary experts have confirmed that a good cut of cured meat enhances the texture, aroma, and flavor of these Iberian products. Remember to always use cutting boards so as not to damage the piece or scratch the table or any other kitchen space.

Over time and with frequent use, it is common for the knife to lose precision in cutting. Nothing that cannot be solved with the help of honing steels.

Why is cured meat cut diagonally with a cured meats knife?

Cured meats are cut diagonally to obtain specific slices with a larger surface area. This allows for a higher quality and more attractive presentation on the plate for future diners.

The best way to achieve this is by using a specific cured meats knife like those you can find at Arcos.

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