Hatchets to cut foods with wide blade, designed to hit and chop food with great hardness.

What is a cleaver and what is it used for?

A cleaver is a type of heavy knife designed specifically for chopping and also hacking at foods or ingredients that are very rigid. It is quite similar to a butcher's machete.

They are mainly used for cutting bones, tendons, and also foods with high resistance to cutting.

Although they are large knives, both the butcher and chef cleaver have a handle that is easy to handle and quite similar to other knives that you may use frequently in your kitchen.

Thanks to its size, you can fillet and chop with total precision, without damaging the food. To make this task easier, at Arcos we recommend using this knife with a thick wooden cutting board. In our online store, you will find a wide variety of models available to expand your collection of kitchen accessories.

Characteristics of the cleaver knife

These knives are characterized by having a wide, heavy, rectangular blade that facilitates shorter and more precise cuts. They are perfect for cutting hard vegetables such as turnips and carrots.

Cleavers are very easy to clean and use on a daily basis, even with their great weight and size. Keeping them sharp is essential to avoid damaging any of the foods you cut at the time.

Buying a kitchen cleaver at Arcos

At Arcos, we specialize in all types of kitchen knives for domestic and professional use. Purchase a cleaver of these characteristics from here and you will be able to cut any food or product of high rigidity with precision.

If you have any doubts about the different models, write to us and we will help you make the best decision for you.