Alongside pots and pans, non-stick saucepans are another essential utensil in any kitchen. In the market, we can find different models according to the cooking method to be used, such as the induction saucepan.

These types of containers are easily recognized by their round shape with a flat bottom and high, fairly straight sides. They come in different sizes to adapt to all your needs and purposes in the kitchen. They are perfect for preparing hot recipes, stews, soups, and delicious sauces.

The saucepan with a lid is usually one of the most popular models. They are also available in different materials such as stainless steel saucepans or aluminum saucepans.

What is a small or large saucepan used for?

Saucepans play a very relevant role in the culinary tasks of the home. Their long handle facilitates gripping when we are stirring the contents inside, which is why it is a fundamental tool when cooking, preparing certain sauces, and heating milk.

During the 17th century, these particular pots were known as "sauceboats." Since they are not very wide containers, they are ideal for heating and cooking certain foods over the fire. The milk saucepan is a classic in the homes of our country.

The main difference from a casserole dish is its size and the number of handles.

The care of small and large saucepans is very similar to any other tools you can find in the kitchen. Although they can be washed in the dishwasher, hand cleaning is recommended.

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