Chicken Scissors

Features of Chicken Scissors

Chicken scissors are easily recognized by their curved blades, similar to those used in gardening. They are also known as carving scissors.

This type of kitchen scissors is quite robust and features a spring that serves as a separator between the blades. They are the ideal tool for breaking chicken bones and tendons, as well as other types of poultry used for cooking and preparing delicious dishes. You can also use them to cut raw meat, trim the fat from these animals, and chop all kinds of vegetables or herbs.

Their non-slip blades allow for safe and precise cutting. They are made of food-grade stainless steel, highly resistant to use and rust.

The blade edges of these scissors should be sharpened over time to ensure they are in good condition and capable of cutting these foods perfectly.

How to Wash Chicken Scissors

Both stainless steel chicken scissors and fish scissors are dishwasher safe. If you have opted for a lower-quality model, note that you cannot put them in the dishwasher and will have to wash them by hand.

We recommend cleaning them once you have finished using them.

Although they may seem similar, conventional scissors should not be used for cooking purposes.

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