Cheese knives

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Knife with wide blade and perforations to prevent sticking. Cuts cheese precisely and easily

Types of Cheese Knives

If you're a cheese lover, you should know that a good cheese knife can't be missing in your kitchen. These utensils are used to cut this delicious food and also to spread different types of cheese on bread.

As cheese is a sensitive and unstable product, it is necessary to use a knife that suits its characteristics. At Arcos, you will find cheese knives with different thicknesses, shapes, and bite sizes. These are some of the most in-demand cheese knife models:

  • Hard and cured cheese knife: The knife for cutting hard cheese is characterized by having a sharp edge with a long and straight blade. It is a cheese knife with two handles or one, whichever you prefer. The cut must always be made from top to bottom.

  • Soft cheese knife: You will easily recognize it by the multiple holes in its blade. Ideal for cutting and spreading the softest cheese without sticking to the knife itself.

  • Gorgonzola knife: The blade is extremely sharp and you can also use it to spread cheeses with a creamier style.

  • Parmesan knife: They have a triangular blade and a sharp tip. Its edge allows you to easily break the driest and hardest blocks, something very common in parmesan and other harder cheese variants.

  • Fresh cheese knife: The blade of this Arcos cheese knife is very thin and angular.

To use any of these knives correctly, we recommend using wooden cutting boards. An indispensable accessory that will allow you to make a much cleaner cut.

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