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Las sartenes y cacerolas son productos indispensables dentro de cualquier cocina. Al utilizarlas de manera recurrente, lo recomendable es que tu juego de baterías de cocina se adapte completamente a tus necesidades. En Arcos podrás elegir desde la superficie de cocción hasta el tamaño de cada uno de estos utensilios para el hogar. 

What should you look for when choosing a set of pots and frying pans?

When purchasing the frying pans and pots which will become part of your kitchen, certain aspects beyond their appearance must be taken into account. The diameter of their surface, the ergonomic design of their handle and the resistance of the frying pan base are some of the most important features to assess before making a purchase.

Furthermore, nowadays sets of pots and frying pans for induction or should you prefer, non-stick frying pans made from aluminium or steel, can be found.

Types of pots and frying pans available online

  • Frying pans: enables frying all types of food and preparing great recipes in your day-to-day life.
  • Pots: easy to recognise due to their side handles. These allow you to prepare large quantities of food. And are used for stews, preparing soups, boiling lots of water and braising.
  • Saucepans: perfect for preparing sauces, heating or cooking food and boiling water for your favourite rice, pasta or vegetable dishes. A basic utensil in your kitchen.
  • Grill: this will give a special touch to your meats, vegetables and fish.
  • Wok: the best tool for stir-frying vegetables and other foods.

Discover the best selection of frying pans and pots at Arcos

Round off your kitchen with the perfect set of frying pans and pots for you. The basic tools to bring out your most creative side in the kitchen.


At Arcos we have a wide variety of different models of frying pans, pots, saucepans and pans which will suit any type of kitchen with prestigious brands such as Thera, Samoa, Kaula, Forza, Endura and Durapro.  All of these manufactured from excellent highest quality materials. Or, should you prefer, here you can keep up to date with the latest  frying pan innovations.