Hello, my name is Clara.

Hello, my name is Clara.



I'm just a normal, down to earth person who, much like you, tries to always keep smiling every day.


Then there are those difficult or exhausting periods, when it's easy to lose hope. But I've never stopped dreaming. I can't. The reason: my son Lucas. Even if it's been the worst day in the world, getting home and making dinner with him makes everything worthwhile.


Lucas thinks that I'm the best cook in the world. And the truth is that I'm not all that bad ... but that's because I have him as my kitchen helper. Together making dishes that, if cooking was judged on love alone, ours would be the best restaurant in the world.


It's amazing that cooking brings us closer together.

And it's unbelievable, that thanks to cooking, I've been able to change a painful story into a tale full of magic.


Before saying goodbye, here's a little tip: never stop dreaming as sometimes dreams come true