Universal Kitchen + Scissors + Cutting Board Starter Kit
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Universal Kitchen + Scissors + Cutting Board Starter Kit

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Customize Universal Kitchen + Scissors + Cutting Board Starter Kit
Universal Series 150 mm Kitchen Knife   + €20.41
Prochef Series 195 mm Kitchen scissors   + €8.28
Grey Cutting Board 240 x 140 mm   + €16.84
Universal Series 130 mm Tomato Knife   + €19.55

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Universal series set consisting of:

  • Universal series kitchen knife 150 mm blade.
  • Tomato knife Universal series with 130 mm blade.

Blades made of exclusive NITRUM® steel, providing superior durability.

The straight lines predominate in the design of the handle, designed for everyday use without sacrificing design. Resistant to chemicals and extreme temperatures.

With anti-corrosion stainless steel tongue and groove rivets.

  • Kitchen scissors black colour Prochef series 195 mm

Normally used for cutting and separating meat, bones and different surfaces. They have their axis of rotation separated from the handles so that the cutting force is much greater.

Their handles have different shapes depending on the task for which they are intended. Made of polypropylene, they are an indispensable piece in the world of catering and also in everyday domestic use.

  • Cutting board 24x14 cm 

Easy to clean, they are dishwasher safe. Its smooth surface is perfect for food preparation and presentation.

Prevents damage to the cutting edge of knives at all times.