Leather knife bag, 5-pc Brooklyn series set
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Leather knife bag, 5-pc Brooklyn series set

The knives you've been looking for in an incredibly comfortable, practical and soft leather bag!
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Customize Leather knife bag, 5-pc Brooklyn series set
Knives Roll Bag 5 pieces   + €158.61
Brooklyn Series 130 mm Vegetable Knife   + €48.36
Brooklyn Series 100 mm Paring Knife   + €44.75
Brooklyn Series 160 mm Boning Knife   + €57.49
Brooklyn Series 250 mm Slicing Knife   + €68.04
Brooklyn Series 190 mm Rocking Santoku Knife   + €59.75

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Knife bags are the perfect way to transport knives and any gadgets you need comfortably and practically.

This leather bag is the best possible way to store your Brooklyn series knives.

This pack contains:

- Bag containing 5 knives, measuring 470 x 446 mm

Designed for anyone who values high quality. This is a leather bag with metal framework. It is carefully handmade, while being comfortable, practical, and soft to the touch.

- Brooklyn paring knife 100 mm

Ideal for cutting all kinds of vegetables and fruits.

- Brooklyn vegetable knife 130 mm

Knife that stands out for its smooth edge, stable tip and blade strength.

- Brooklyn boning knife 160 mm

Perfect for removing meat from bones thanks to the thin blade with a characteristic curved, smooth edge.

- Brooklyn Rocking Santoku knife 190 mm

It has three uses: preparing meat, fish and vegetables. Remarkable for its wide and very sharp blade.

- Brooklyn slicing knife 190 mm

Specially designed to cut ham and other large pieces of meat as it is a long, thin knife with a flexible blade and a smooth edge.

This series stands out for its special silk edge, which provides a cut which cannot fail to impress.

Corrosion-free thanks to its stainless steel tongue-and-groove rivets.

Thanks to the rounded polish of the back of the blade, the knife has an incredibly soft grip.

The Micarta handle is made of cloth compressed with resin. This material is remarkably hard and resistant to high temperatures. The bluish tones make this handle especially noteworthy.