Lyon Series 180 mm Santoku Knife
Utility knife
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Lyon Series 180 mm Santoku Knife

The Lyon Series 180 mm Santoku Knife is a powerful tool for cutting chicken, meat, vegetables and other foods.

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When you buy the Santoku Lyon 180 mm series knife, you will get an effective utensil for cutting vegetables, meat and fish. Its versatility makes it an ideal tool for both domestic and professional cooking. It has been manufactured in Albacete, Spain, by expert hands in the production of cutlery since 1734. It combines the best tradition with new technologies.


  • Blade made of NITRUM® stainless steel which gives it great hardness, cutting power and durability.
  • It has alveoli on the surface of the blade, which prevent food from sticking to the blade and promote hygiene.
  • Anti-bacterial system on the handle prevents the proliferation of bacteria.
  • It has three tongue and groove steel rivets to hold the pieces together.
  • Dishwasher safe.

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  • Blade Material: Acero Inoxidable NITRUM®
  • Handle Material: Polioximetileno (POM)
  • Use: Santoku
  • Colour: Black
  • Blade Length: 180 mm
  • Packaging: Case
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