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Samoa and Clara Mega Set
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Samoa and Clara Mega Set

This wonderful set is composed of 3 pieces of our Samoa series, great workmates that allow us to prepare dishes and haute cuisine techniques together with the Clara series, knives that unite one of the most elaborate blades, with the simplest handle, to bring haute cuisine to all those anonymous cooks who leave their souls in every dish.
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Customize Samoa and Clara Mega Set
Samoa Series 16 cm Non-Stick Saucepan   + €46.89
Samoa Series 20 cm Non-Stick Casserole   + €62.13
Samoa Series 22 cm Non-Stick Pan   + €48.02
Clara Series 100 mm Paring Knife   + €19.20
Clara Series 200 mm Bread Knife   + €30.06
Clara Series 150 mm Kitchen Knife   + €27.48
Block   + €37.20

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- Samoa Non-stick Saucepan 16 cm 16 cm 

- Samoa Non-stick Casserole 20 cm 

- Samoa Non-stick Pan 22 cm 

Forged aluminium body. Cold riveted stainless steel handles and grips.

Internally reinforced non-stick system. Suitable for all kinds of kitchens.

Energy saving system. Easy internal and external cleaning. Dishwasher safe.

- Clara paring knife 100 mm

- Clara kitchen knife 150 mm 

- Clara Chef's knife 200 mm 

-Clara bread knife 200 mm 

At Arcos we set ourselves a challenge two years ago: to be able to offer an haute cuisine knife affordable for everyone’s pocket. This is how Clara was created, this knife series which brings the world of professional cooking to every home.

Knife forged in a single piece, without any type of welding. Its steel is NITRUM, our nitrogen steel formula, which endows the blade with increased hardness, greater cutting power and improved edge durability.

Handle made of Polypropylene (PP), a hygienic material, which is very light and resistant to knocks, chemicals and high temperatures. It is joined to the blade through the injection process, resulting in a sturdy, robust and unbreakable knife.

- Universal Block 220 x 160 x 65 mm 

Thermoplastic rubber fibre interior plastic.

Can be removed, easy to clean. For all ARCOS knives up to 20 cm blade lenght.