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  2. Riviera Blanc slicing set + corkscrew
Riviera Blanc slicing set + corkscrew
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Riviera Blanc slicing set + corkscrew

For many people, ham and wine are the best excuse for getting everyone you love together, so with this set, we make it easy!
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If you want to surprise someone with a gift, or your guests at home, this is your set!

This slicing set from the Riviera Blanc series, together with the corkscrew, will turn you into the best host.

- Riviera Blanc slicing set

Contains 2 knives from the Riviera Blanc series and a sharpening steel.

Boning knife (130 mm blade).
Slicing knife (250 mm blade).

Riviera Blanc series set. Series characterized by a distinctive white handle and a French-style ferrule. Forged from a single piece of steel with our exclusive NITRUM® stainless steel.

This new series combines rounded lines with easy handling and simplicity, for both professional and at home use.

Sharpening steel (230 mm)

- Electric corkscrew 270 x 190 x 75 mm

Made of stainless steel. It has an internal rechargeable battery. Includes USB cable and foil cutter. With this corkscrew you’ll be able to open any bottle of wine. Presented together in a beautiful box, perfect as a gift. 3-year warranty