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Thera and Brooklyn Mega Set
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Thera and Brooklyn Mega Set

Fusion between our series with more character and personality. 3 units of the Thera series together with 5 units of the Brooklyn series and the Bamboo taco will make sure that nothing is missing in your kitchen.
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Customize Thera and Brooklyn Mega Set
Brooklyn Series 190 mm Rocking Santoku Knife   + €60.19
Brooklyn Series 250 mm Slicing Knife   + €61.18
Brooklyn Series 200 mm Bread Knife   + €56.34
Rectangular bamboo block 280 x 215 x 90 mm   + €85.50
Brooklyn Series 100 mm Paring Knife   + €40.28
Brooklyn Series 170 mm Sole Knife   + €49.89
Thera Series 20 cm Non-Stick Pan   + €40.14
Thera Series 18 cm Non-Stick Saucepan   + €47.02
Thera Series 24 cm Non-Stick Casserole   + €99.51

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Everything you need in a single pack!

Our series with more personality come together so that nothing is missing in your kitchen.

This set contains:

- Rocking Santoku Brooklyn 

- Brooklyn Slicing Knife

- Brooklyn Bread Knife

- Brooklyn Sole Knife

- Brooklyn Paring Knife

These knives stand out for being from the Brooklyn series.

The main feature of these knives is their silk edge, which provides a unique cut.

The blade of these knives is made of NITRUM stainless steel, providing greater cutting power, hardness and durability. 

They are forged knives, that is, they have been subjected to the forging process by red hot deformation, resulting in a solid knife in one piece.

The identity of these knives is their handle, made of Micarta, resin-pressed cloth and its main feature is its half ferrule, which facilitates cutting and sharpening. The handle is ergonomic and the bolster is rounded. It also stands out for its blue-toned weave.

They have stainless steel rivets with which we ensure that the knife does not separate from the handle and are also free of corrosion.

To keep a knife in its best condition it is necessary to take care of it as much as possible following some simple maintenance tips so that, over the years, it remains as good as new.

As an Arcos product, it comes with a 10-year warranty

-Thera Non-stick Pan 20 cm 

-Thera Non-stick Casserole 24 cm 

-Thera Non-stick Saucepan 18 cm 

Its design and texture making it one of our series with greater character and personality. Its non-stick power is designed to be one of the best assets when it comes to preparing dishes easily, quickly and safely.

Its PFOA free non stick surface is suitable for food contact, is easy to clean and has excellent scratch resistance; heat is uniformly distributed regardless of the heat source.

- Block Universal 280 x 215 x 90 mm

Bamboo with polypropylene fibre interior.

Can be removed, easy to clean. For all ARCOS knives up to 25 cm blade length