Manhattan Slicing Set
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Manhattan Slicing Set

Set consisting of basic products for ham slicing. Contains 2 Manhattan series knives and a sharpening steel. -Boning cutter with 160 mm blade. -Ham knife with a 250 mm blade. -230 mm sharpening steel.
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This set consists of:

- Boning knife of the Manhattan series with a 160 mm blade.

- Ham knife of the Manhattan series with a 250 mm blade.

Knives forged in a single piece, without any type of welding, which also stand out for their special silk edge, in which all our knowledge is combined to offer you an unequalled cutting experience.

One of the main features of the Manhattan series is the half guard ferrule, which is highly sought after by the professional public due to the ease of cutting and sharpening.

Its forged Nitrum® stainless steel provides high wear resistance and increased cutting power.

Manufactured with anti-corrosion stainless steel tongue and groove rivets.

- Chromium-plated carbon steel sharpening steel, 230 mm and 10 mm in diameter.

The use of the sharpening steel guarantees an impeccable edge maintenance thanks to the chrome-plated carbon steel of its body.

The handle is made of polypropylene to increase safety and reduce slippage, making the sharpening steel fit perfectly in your hand.

  • Series: Manhattan
  • Blade Material: NITRUM® Stainless Steel
  • Handle Material: Polyoxymethylene (POM)
  • Colour: Black
  • Packaging: Case
  • Weight with packaging: 685 g
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