The Warranty Certificate issued by Arcos Hermanos, S.A., guarantees the quality of the product it covers, under the terms legally established. Arcos guarantees all its products for a period of ten years from the date of delivery of the order except in:

  • Pans and Pots: 3 years
  • Electrical appliances: 3 years

Within the warranty we offer, deficiencies caused by negligence, impacts, misuse or improper handling, or materials subjected to wear due to their normal use are not included.

Arcos reserves the right to make any modifications to the products shown on the Arcos website and online store. In those incidents that justify the use of the warranty (such as a manufacturing defect), the option will be repair, replacement of the item, reduction in price or refund, under the terms legally established.

The warranty will lose its value: If any of the data on the invoice or purchase receipt are modified, altered or replaced. If the warranted product itself is handled without the company's knowledge. If it lacks the signature or stamp of the establishment.

To make use of the warranty, the presentation of the purchase receipt is essential. To make the warranty effective, contact us through our contact form.