Designed to work cakes, biscuits, cakes, etc. Also used in the kitchen to remove, turn, extend and mix.

What is a kitchen spatula used for?

The pastry spatula is one of the most essential accessories for lovers of pies, cakes, and baked goods in general.

Whether you're a seasoned chef or just starting out in the world of baking, the first thing you should have nearby is a kitchen spatula. Without a doubt, it is the ideal tool for adding texture and spreading frostings when preparing any type of sweet recipes.

These kitchen utensils are designed with durable materials like stainless steel, along with a plastic handle for easy grip. The versatility of their use makes them essential for bakers. Depending on the size and type you choose, you can use it to finish off your desserts, cut and serve, transfer cakes from one container to another, and, of course, easily decorate your sweet treats.

Types of pastry spatulas

At Arcos, we offer different types of kitchen spatulas. The most common ones are: 

  • Cake spatula: used for mixing batters and different ingredients. With them, you can scrape and get every last bit of sweetness from the bowl without wasting anything at all.
  • Curved spatula: ideal for applying frostings with chocolate, creams, or butter. Its shape will help you lift cake slices and pastries with ease.
  • Whale spatula: the most popular one in baking. Perfect for serving slices of cake and spreading light batters.
  • Chocolate spatula: used for spreading chocolate.
  • Cookie spatula: designed to handle baked goods with cookies delicately.

Buying a pastry spatula at Arcos

Keep a pastry spatula on hand and make your desserts absolutely delicious. At Arcos, you will find a wide variety of these kitchen accessories.

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