Expand your silverware set with these forks

For meat, fish, and even enjoying a delicious dessert. Forks are one of the essential elements of silverware in any household, restaurant, or hospitality business.

Although they may seem very similar, you may have noticed that depending on the type of dish, it will be necessary to use small, large or even long and separate tine forks. Learning to distinguish them is essential to always be able to use the most suitable fork for your menu.

At Arcos, we have a wide variety of models that adapt to your needs and the style of your silverware. Designed with top-quality stainless steel and sophisticated wooden handles.

Fork models available at Arcos

There is a wide range of forks depending on the specific food you are going to eat. These are some of the forks from Arcos that can be part of your silverware set:

  • Meat forks: designed with four sharp prongs to be able to pick up pieces of meat well. It is one of the most important silverware pieces of any proper silverware set.

  • Fish forks: although they have four tines, these medium forks are wider and flatter than traditional ones.

  • Salad fork: characterized by being medium-sized and having a very slim shape. They will allow you to pick up all kinds of light foods, including pieces of fruit.

  • Dessert forks: they are small forks with only three dull tines. They are used to eat any type of dessert, especially portions of cake.

Buy stainless steel forks at Arcos

Renew the forks of your silverware set with these kitchen accessories available at Arcos. Choose from all our models and make your guests' jaws drop when they see the silverware on your table.