Table Knives

What are dinner knives used for?

The dinner knife is one of the most useful types of knives on the dining table. This cutting tool is a part of every household's silverware set as well as restaurant establishments. It is characterized by having a single cutting edge and a blunt end. They are designed to cut almost all types of prepared and cooked food.

These knives serve various functions based on their design. The primary purpose is to assist diners in cutting the food served at the table during meals, including breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

At Arcos, you can purchase them individually or, if preferred, as a set of dinner knives with multiple units. All models are made of stainless steel and feature handles made from the same material or different types of wood, as well as colored polypropylene.

Types of dinner knives at Arcos

In the market, you will find different types of dinner knives, with the most common ones being:

  • Lunch knife: it is one of the longest knives within the collection of dinner knives. Its function is to cut food into small pieces and allow for smooth pushing.
  • Dessert knife: it is the smallest of all knives. It is solely used for cutting desserts, fruits, or any type of cakes. It is usually accompanied by a dessert fork

Purchase stainless steel dinner knives at Arcos

Expand your collection of dinner knives with the various models available at Arcos. Choose the knife that best matches the style of your silverware.

If you have any doubts about which knife is the best fit for you, write to us, and we will assist you without any obligation. At Arcos, you can complement your collection of dinner knives with other kitchen utensils available through our online store.