Tomato knives

Cutting with no effort...
Knive with short and strong blade, with serrated edge. Designed to slice tomatoes effortlessly.

What is a tomato knife?

As the name suggests, a tomato knife is a kitchen tool specifically designed to easily cut and slice tomatoes. It is characterized by its serrated edge blade design and ergonomic handle. The shape of its serrated blade will allow you to pierce the skin of the tomato to empty it in a very clean way, while carefully sliding through different parts of the fruit.

The slices will be the size you want without having to crush the seeds.

In a few seconds you can cut your tomatoes and taste them with your favorite dishes without damaging them.

Factors to consider when buying a tomato knife

Before buying a tomato knife, you must take into account certain features:

  • Shape: We recommend that the blade be serrated and with a fork tip so as to pierce the skin of the tomato. The cut will be much cleaner. 路 Size: This type of knife is usually a bit larger than the usual peeling knife. The normal size is about 4" - 6".
  • Blade material: At Arcos you will find a tomato knife of excellent quality made of stainless steel and carbon steel.

How to use a tomato knife

  • Try not to press the tomato too much when using this knife so that it does not break and flatten. 路 While cutting the tomato, always maintain a 45-degree angle. 路 Use the pointed area of the blade to easily remove the heart of the tomato.

Buy a tomato knife at Arcos

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