Magnetic Rack

A very reliable place to leave your knives are our magnetic supports. It has a powerful magnet that holds the pieces tightly and allows you to keep them close by taking care of the condition of your knives.

What is the purpose of a magnetic knife rack?

Magnetic knife racks are a kitchen accessory that allows you to keep your cutting tools in perfect condition. They offer an optimal and easy way to have any type of kitchen knives readily available.
The powerful magnet used to manufacture this magnetic rack can support the weight of even the largest and heaviest knives, making them visible while you cook and within reach.

Thanks to the magnetic surface of the rack, your knives and utensils can be securely attached to it. To install it, you simply need to attach the rack to the surface of your choice and wait for 24 hours before fixing your knives or any other utensils.

At Arcos, we offer different sizes, designs, and models of knife racks and magnets, made of steel, PVC, bamboo, or beech wood. The strip shape of these racks makes it easy to place them on the wall of your kitchen, and you can even move it around on the countertop to feel more comfortable when preparing your dishes.

Advantages of using a knife magnet rack:

  • Saves space in your drawers and countertop
  • Keeps all your knives and cutting tools within reach
  • Easy installation
  • Prevents the tip and blade of your knives from getting damaged

Buy a magnetic knife rack:

Forget about always rummaging through your drawers and cabinets to find the kitchen knife you need. Now you can always have your cutting tools at hand and keep them sharp and ready for use. Choose the magnetic rack that best fits your kitchen decor at Arcos.