Bread Knives

Power and durability while cutting...
Knives with a long and strong blade, with serrated edges that cut through bread effortlessly.

Features of the Bread Knife in Arcos

The bread saw knife, also known as a bread knife or a bread cutter, is very useful for cutting this food into slices of a finer or thicker size.
It is primarily characterized by the size of its strong and long blade with a serrated edge that allows you to cut without much effort or breaking the bread

Unlike other utensils you can use in your kitchen, the bread cutting knife is large in size. It is usually around 8" - 12" with noticeable teeth.

In addition to cutting virtually all types of bread, this knife is also perfect for working other products such as cakes, pastries, puff pastries, empanadas, some vegetables and cheese.
They are not usually visible on the table, as Spanish culture tends to cut the bread before serving it.

What is the best knife for cutting bread?

From baguettes to sourdough bread and loaves. The bread knife makes a very effective and clean cut without the need to tear or tear this basic food.

When choosing the best bread cutting knife, you should consider:

  • Make sure it has a sharp toothed edge if you want to cut and slice the crunchiest bread.
  • The bread knife with a lower number of teeth tends to get a much coarser result.
  • The space between the teeth is known as the "throat". If your bread knife's throat is very high, the cut will be much cleaner.
  • Choose a bread knife made of stainless steel. They are much more resistant and durable over time.
  • To cut bread, use cutting boards and specific knives with the ideal blade shape for you.

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