Ham Knives

The art of cutting a Ham...
Knives with long, thin, flexible and smooth blade..
Specially designed to cut ham and other large pieces of meat.

What are ham knives?

The art of cutting ham. As its name suggests, the ham knife is the ideal knife model for cutting ham in a clean, perfect and scale-free way.
Thanks to the precision of the blade, you can easily slice the meat from the piece and enjoy the cutting process with complete comfort. The result are small, soft and thin slices for good tasting.

Features of professional ham knives

In the market, you can find different types of ham knives. Each one of them adapts to the size of the piece and, above all, to the size of your hand.
If you are thinking of buying a ham knife for your home or workplace, these are some of the features you should consider when choosing a professional model:

  • Narrow and long blade knife.
  • Smooth and flexible edge.
  • Approximate blade length of about 9" - 12". Can be smooth or holey blade.
  • Light and durable material. Most of them are made with stainless steel and ergonomic wooden or synthetic handles.
  • Approximately 0.79" - 1.18" blade width.
  • Sharp or rounded tip.

In Arcos, you have a wide variety of ham knives at your disposal. Ask us about our models and we will answer any of your questions.

What does a ham set include?

With the Arcos ham set, you will become a master ham cutter. This kit includes everything you need to enjoy your ham or ham slice whenever you want:

Boning knife to remove meat from the bone.
Ham stand to place the piece and be able to cut it with complete comfort.
Honing steels to keep knives sharp.

Buy the best ham knives at Arcos

Surprise your diners every day with a perfect pairing of ham and good wine. Discover the collection of ham knives at Arcos and choose the ideal set for you.