Sole Fillet Fish Knives

Effortlessly separate fish skin from the spine...
A knife featuring a long, flexible blade with a smooth, sharp edge ideal for filleting sole and other fishes, making it easy to separate the flesh from the spine.

What is a Sole Knife?

Sole knives are a type of fishing knife with similar features to those found in the hospitality industry, specifically in a Japanese restaurant. Although it may seem like an exclusive knife for professional cooks, it is actually the ideal cutting tool for fish lovers. Its ease of use allows you to cut sole fillets very thin and cleanly, without damaging the food or losing its properties.

From Arcos, we recommend incorporating this kitchen utensil into your knife set if you like to eat fresh fish, monkfish, or similar.

Features of a Sole Knife

This type of knife is characterized by having a sharp and long blade with a smooth edge. This way, you can reach the spine of the sole, remove the complete loin without any tearing and make much better use of the fish meat.

You can use it on both large and small pieces.

What is a Fish Fillet Knife used for?

The fish filleting knife is used to work the loins of the piece and to present it with excellent quality. Its use is recommended on flat fish.
The blade of this knife fits perfectly to the spine of the fish. You can fillet soles and monkfish, while separating the sides of the spine easily and simply.

Buy Fish Fillet Knife at Arcos

Incorporate a fish filleting knife into your kitchen accessory set and make your recipes with these foods an authentic treat.

From Arcos, we offer a wide variety of sole knife models for you to choose from that best suit your needs.