To keep your knives in optimal conditions we have a wide variety of tacos. Its modern and contemporary design makes it a useful and decorative element.

What is a knife block?

A knife block is a very useful accessory for storing and keeping your cutting tools at hand. In a safe and proper way, you can place your kitchen knives and prepare them for use.

This type of knife holder allows you to extend the life of your knives, as you will avoid damage, scratches on the blade and tip, loss of sharpness, and the appearance of notches. Thanks to its arrangement, you can quickly use any of the knives in your collection, without having to search through the kitchen drawers.

In knife blocks, you can store practically all types of knives, from the classic chef's knife to boning knives, fillet knives, and many more. Additionally, some of them can also include sharpening steels and scissors.

Types of knife holders

At Arcos, we have a wide variety of knife blocks and holders. These kitchen elements are quite useful for keeping your cutting tools organized. Their modern and stylish designs have made them also become a decorative accessory.

Available in stainless steel, rubber wood, or bamboo. Here, you can choose from the traditional rectangular block to round, oval, and even models for placement inside your drawers.

Buying a knife block at Arcos

Store all your knives in an orderly and quick way with the help of knife blocks and holders. Find this accessory for your kitchen at Arcos and buy it today.
Discover our complete collection of knife accessories and choose the material and shape that best fits the style and decoration of your kitchen.

If you have any doubts about these blocks, ask our specialists and they will advise you on your next purchase.