Sewing Scissors

What are sewing shears?

Sewing shears are one of the main cutting and sewing tools. Thanks to their structure and the quality of their stainless steel materials, you can effectively cut all types of fabrics and/or threads. Undoubtedly, they are essential tools in any home sewing kit.

The choice of your next dressmaking shears will depend on the intended use and comfort during handling. It's important to consider factors such as size, weight, and ergonomics.

This type of shears is easy to maintain over time. You simply need to remove any remaining threads..

Types of dressmaking shears

Shears for cutting and sewing can be classified as follows:

  • Dressmaker's shears: also known as all-purpose shears, as they can cut fabrics, threads, and anything needed by a seamstress. They are typically made of steel and have a straight or rounded tip.
  • Tailor's shears: primarily used for precise cutting of various types of fabrics. The blade must always be very sharp.
  • Thread snips: easily recognizable by their smaller size, they are designed for cutting threads. They are used for trimming fabrics and seam ripping.

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