Carving Knives

For all kinds of grilled meats...
Knife with a slim, strong blade and smooth edge. Used to carve all kinds of grilled meats.

What is a carving knife?

The carving knife is a kitchen tool used for slicing and cutting all types of cooked meats.

It differs from the traditional chef knife in the shape of its blade. It is much lighter and narrower, allowing for a more precise and delicate cut. Using this type of knife causes less damage to the meat, preserving its properties and juices.

The carving knife is often combined with other accessories and knives for cutting meat with bones or carving ribs. You can purchase it separately or as part of a specialized barbecue set like the ones available at Arcos.

To get the most out of your carving knife, we recommend periodically sharpening it with quality sharpeners.

How to choose a carving knife?

When choosing your next carving knife, you should consider certain technical features such as the quality of the blade, the ergonomics of the handle, and the material. The latter aspect is crucial for maintaining good hygiene.

What is the length of a carving knife?

A carving knife is characterized by a blade length between 15 and 25 cm. It is slightly shorter than a salmon knife or a meat filleting knife.

Can you use a chef knife instead of a carving knife?

Chef knives, also known as chef's tools, are not designed for carving meats or cutting this type of food. If you don't have a carving knife in your home, it is ideal to acquire one of the models we offer at Arcos. This ensures that you don't damage the meat or compromise any of its properties.

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