Vegetable Knives

Fresh vegetables everyday...
Knive with a small and strong blade, smooth edge and stable tip. Cleans, peels and cuts small fruits and vegetables.

What is a vegetable knife?

The vegetable cutting knife is very practical and ergonomic for quickly cutting any type of vegetable without losing its quality. You can find them with different shapes and blade sizes, even with a serrated edge or without it. Depending on the vegetable you want to cut, it will be better to choose one type of knife or another.

The purpose of these tools is to peel, chop, clean, chop, and shape all types of fruits and vegetables.

Types of vegetable knives

At Arcos, we have a wide variety of vegetable cutting knives, the most popular of which are:

    • Stainless steel vegetable knife: This is the most common and in-demand thanks to the hardness and durability of its blade. Over time, they tend to lose their edge, which can be solved with the help of a sharpener.
    • Japanese vegetable knife: This is exclusively designed to cut this type of delicate food smoothly.

How to use the vegetable cutting knife

  1. Before cutting the vegetables, hold the clean knife by the handle and move your hand until you have complete control over the blade.

  2. Slide the knife smoothly down and forward. You will see that you can easily cut the vegetables with little effort. You can help yourself with a cutting board to make it easier.

  3. Move the knife from the back up as many times as you need.

Buy vegetable knife at Arcos

Discover the wide collection of vegetable cutting knives available at Arcos and choose the one that best suits your needs. If you have doubts about the type of vegetable cutting knife that is best for you, ask us and as experts, we will advise you on your purchase. You can also take advantage and acquire those professional gadgets that can't be missing in your kitchen.