Rigid Boning Knife Dúo Pro Series 5"
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Rigid Boning Knife Dúo Pro Series 5"


The Arcos Dúo Pro Series 5" Boning Knife merges ergonomic design with a NITRUM® blade, ensuring precise and safe boning, a necessity in any professional kitchen.

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Explore the Arcos Duo Pro Series 5" Rigid Boning Knife, crafted to enhance your culinary journey. This knife not only represents state-of-the-art innovation, safety, and outstanding performance, but is also specifically engineered for precise and efficient boning, making it a vital tool in any professional kitchen.

  • Innovative Handle for Maximum Control: Constructed using a dual injection technique that blends polypropylene and elastomer, this handle offers both durability and comfort.
  • Its non-slip design ensures a secure and comfortable grip, optimizing ergonomics and maneuverability to simplify boning tasks.
  • The antibacterial treatment Bactiproof Silver® guarantees superior hygiene, resisting water, heat, cleaning products, and acidic foods.
  • Specialized NITRUM® Stainless Steel Blade: The 5" blade, designed with a thickness of 0.11" mm and forged in exclusive NITRUM® stainless steel by Arcos, is enriched with nitrogen for enhanced hardness. This boosts its cutting capability by 40% compared to traditional steels, making it perfect for surgically precise separation of meat from bone.
  • The Ice Plus® treatment of its blade provides additional durability, while its 27° sharpening angle ensures an exceptionally sharp and long-lasting edge.
  • Dedicated Boning Functionality: This rigid boning knife is ideal for working with meats, offering the ability to make precise and clean cuts around bones and joints. Its beveled tip adds an extra layer of safety, preventing accidents during the boning process.
Experience safety, hygiene, and perfection with every cut using this essential boning knife from Arcos.
  • Series: Dúo Pro
  • Thickness: 0.11"
  • Blade Material: NITRUM® Stainless Steel
  • Handle Material: Polypropylene coated with Elastomer
  • Use: Boning
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Blade Length: 5"
  • Complete Size: 10.6"
  • Packaging: Plastic Sheath
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